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Academician of Academy of Sciences Chinese Chen Guoliang to visit Chishui in a lecture

Date:06-20-2016    Translator:csyz    Author:csyz

May 23, 2016, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of the University of science and technology of China, School of computer science and software, Shenzhen University Dean Chen Guoliang academician to Chishui in, as part of the teachers and students made a presentation a meaning "academician life".
At 9 o’clock in the morning on the day, Chen, academician of the car arrive Chishui of a school, academician Chen Guoliang adhere to the outside Amizu Ichi, Lieutenant Colonel get off, walk into the school, his humility and accomplishment was to conquer the waiting in front of the school went to meet the Chishui in all cadres. President of the Ye Naijun accompanied by academician Chen, as he explained the Chishui a teaching philosophy, campus culture, in the way to the lecture hall, academician Chen Guoliang alight, fleet footed, four years of military career in his body left a deep impression.
Chen, academician of the title of the report is called "Academy of life -- 24 character life road, the workers, peasants and soldiers quotient practice", he in the "also Yinong, the force, strong or weak, hard or soft, also virtual reality, east or west 24 words tells the story of his life to grow, learn, and strive, in the telling, academician Chen inculcate young students no matter when and where they want to love the motherland, loyalty to the motherland, with a lifelong service to the motherland and the people. And he reminded the young students who do not instant success, should try to cultivate, regardless of harvest, learn the basic course, such success success will come when conditions are ripe. A full 2 hours of report, academician Chen always took the microphone stand to do report, the 78 year old old man again time to his extraordinary style let Chishui in teachers and students of awe.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Cheng Guoliang entered Chishui in a lecture, is a pleasure in all Chishui people!



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