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The Zunyi fourth middle school and Chishui No.1 Middle School intercollegiate exchange activities report

Date:01-16-2015    Translator:    Author:

To further explore the new class to change experience, strengthen Zunyi Chishui fourth and friendly cooperation between the two universities a helping, in December 27, 2014, all the Zunyi fourth grade three high school teacher and some teachers, in Zhang Zhikui under the leadership of principals, tirelessly gave lessons to my school, develop the Teaching Assistance Exchange activities. Early in the morning, the Zunyi fourth class are the wind and rain came to our school, accompanied by my school principal Huang Yulan under the first visited our school three grade "passion early reading" far they heard the sound of reading Lang Lang's passion, throughout the visit, many teachers standing on the students their reading, hearten spirit, loud sound study expressed admiration.

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