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Our school actively for the city of “8.11” flood disaster area donation

Date:08-20-2014    Translator:csyz    Author:csyz
In August 11, 2014, Chishui city in the eastern town suffered major floods, resulting in spate, floods, causing devastating disaster. Eastern Township Village, housing, roads, on both sides of the embankment, fertile land, crops suffer huge losses. My school Party branch actively action, immediately issued an emergency fundraising proposal through the information platform, the initiative of all the party members for donations.

August 19th afternoon, our school Party branch held for my city "in the classroom ladder Ming Yan Lou 8.11 flood disaster area donation ceremony. The school Party branch secretary, president Comrade Ye Naijun the first donation in the donation ceremony, the party and government team members and Party members actively donations. The majority of non party members of the faculty members in that school organization donations after the news, is "far behind" rushed to the scene to donate. Although the body of some staff in the field, but the heart of the disaster area, commissioned by the family or friends to the site gave a love for the disaster area. The total of 9870 yuan fund-raising activities to raise donations. No Valentine's love of flood, a people with their own action, with sincere love, expressed to the disaster area folks that comfort and support sincerely, wish to the disaster hit folks to rebuild their beautiful homeland.

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