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The leadership of Southwestern University came to our school to visit the intern teacher

Date:05-16-2014    Translator:csyz    Author:csyz
In May 14, 2014, the school of physical education of Southwestern University Professor Liu line to my school visit practice in our school's teachers, first of all, into the classroom to listen to the two classes, and then, the five floor conference room floor office in our school held a report meeting, the meeting presided over by the school office director Zhou Demei.

On the meeting, Ye Naijun, vice president of our university was entitled "Chishui in the internship 1234" communication speech, one is: a program; two: two stage; three: three team; four: practice four contents. Teacher evaluation I proofread the southwest China Normal University to the school I practice is good professionalism, teamwork, good professional quality.

The captain to practice their leadership on work and life in the practice of our school.

Southwestern University Sports Institute president Liu of my school practice arrangement to give a high evaluation, and request the student teachers should study hard, strive for excellence.

The dean's office of Southwestern University clock manager also delivered speeches respectively.

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