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Our school held the 2015 session of the first three entrance examination quality analysis meeting

Date:09-19-2014    Translator:csyz    Author:csyz

In September 18, 2014, our school held the 2015 session of the first three exam quality in classrooms ladder analysis. President Ye Naijun, vice president Wu Shaoju, Huang Yulan, director of China grade permanent and all the graduating class teachers attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by the research director Zhou Demei.

Analysis on the meeting, President Ye Naijun affirmed the recent work of the graduating class, affirms the achievements of the entrance exam. He stressed that the graduating class the teacher to have the confidence to convey confidence to students. The teacher wants to select data, lapping deep preparation, and, lifting surface breaking point, ensure the realization of "68" target. Teachers should grasp the train top students, training must have the plan, to follow up, fine management, put in place. Late to grasp the liberal arts, science comprehensive exam associated work, teachers should do a good job of teaching routine work, teachers should pay more attention to students' psychology, the students do a good job in safety work.

In charge of business vice president Wu Shaoju introduced my school the exam results in the "seven school entrance exam" in the ranking, points out the problems existing in the exam, teachers are required to carefully analyze the causes and find a solution to the problem.

Moral education vice president Huang Yulan stressed that the teacher should strengthen the management, to the management to quality.

Grade director Dai Hua Yong requirements, teaching on classroom should be targeted, pay attention to actual effect, to catch condominium together, the common good management students, and made arrangements for graduation class work late.


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