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Our school held the 2014 session of the graduation ceremony

Date:06-04-2014    Translator:csyz    Author:csyz

June 4, 2014 at 10:00 in the morning, our school held a "I'm going home! Qin Rong in heart far hall, a water long distance separates no bosom friends" as the theme of the 2014 session of the graduation ceremony. School leaders, dry, grade director and the 2014 session of all teachers and students attended the ceremony.

The ceremony at the 2014 session of teachers and students of all solemn to the National Anthem in a prologue, then, the student representative to school leaders, 2014 teachers presented flowers, expression of the 2014 session of the senior students of the school leaders and teachers sincere gratitude and sincere best wishes. Three (5) class Jiang Qihang students on behalf of the 2014 high school students to speak, he expressed gratitude to his alma mater and mentor, writing in 2014 college entrance examination brilliant new confidence, towards a better tomorrow of hope. Senior director Huang Yulan on behalf of the graduating class teacher to speak, she used "wide cross-strait tide, the wind is Yifan hanging" words to encourage students self-confidence in life, to create brilliant, I wish the students college entrance examination smoothly, a dream come true.

Headmaster Zhang Zhikui commencement speech. He said that all the teachers first I represent, thank my classmates, thank you with their own efforts to let teachers feel the mission of the proud, feel the value realization of happiness, feel the friendship is precious. Secondly, I want to represent the 2014 plenary students thank all the senior teachers, the team, in the three years to pay too much wisdom, emotion and sweat. The team, led the 2014 students in the process of struggling to write too many miracles, leaving too many touching stories, should send them flowers, applause should give them. Teacher sentiment can be songs, Shien unforgettable! Children, today's theme is "come on Qin Rong, near horizon a regime", Chishui in three years, is not only the knowledge growth for three years, but also enhance the feelings of three years, remember the CIA, Chishui feeling, alumni love. The purpose of the book is life, life is the bottom line of filial piety, grateful. Graduate, have time, many parents stay in. The first lesson in your school is filial piety, the last lesson graduation is filial piety. During the holidays, to be a filial plan it, it will let you reap unexpected life wisdom. Finally, I suggest we yell out our last slogan: one up, the college entrance examination to win.

The ceremony at the 2014 session of all the teachers and students sing "believe in yourself" closing "graduation song" song.

2014 college entrance examination, my school senior students dare to Raiders ambition again Book Breakthrough miracle.


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