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Our school held a level 2014 freshmen military training

Date:07-20-2014    Translator:csyz    Author:csyz

In July 13, 2014, our school 2014 grade high new developed over a period of 6 days of military training activities, the military training, running relates to queue training, discipline education, national defense knowledge education, housekeeping etc.. Through the military training, strengthening etiquette education, develop various including behavioral norms education education, discipline, and achieved good results.

During the military training, although the scorching sun, but the students in the city, the people's Armed Forces Department instructors under the unified command, the scorching sun overhead, and no fear, always maintain a positive state, everywhere showing a military style. In six days of military training, the students work hard, strict, hard work, excellent performance. The team, agile; stand junzi, heads held high; queue training, the pace of neat; training outside, solidarity and friendship.

In the military parade competition in the queue, the classmates all valiant, strode neat pace, and always maintain a high spirit, shouting loud slogans, showing a middle-school student's elegant demeanor. In the military training summary meeting, President Zhang Zhikui on the students of the high morale and spirit of fearing neither hardship nor tired gave a high evaluation, also put forward clear requirements to the students after learning. I hope the students to this military training as a starting point, establish lofty ideals, to carry forward the revolutionary tradition, cherish youth, in the study life to exercise their own, shape themselves, show themselves, to train themselves to become an excellent talents. The school also awards were presented to the military training parade competition winning class and outstanding students.

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