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The people's Government of the province two supervisory examination, supervision and evaluation work League to my school inspection work

Date:12-11-2013    Translator:CSYZ    Author:csyz

        In December 9, 2013, the people’s Government of the province, two supervision supervision League, responsible person to my school inspection work.

         According to the people’s Government of the province, the relevant work deployment, the two steering group to focus on my school field visits to campus, see the breakthrough stage engineering education of high school, access to archives of the league, school management, supervision, to my school campus culture, break through high school education and other aspects of the project fully affirmed, obtain fine management must be grades in school, that my school in the implementation of Khalid ents do real, always and everywhere in the education of students, student teachers of civilized manners, conscientious, good social repercussions, the quality of teaching achievements in education, students’ autonomous development, teacher professionalism. Zhang Jizhi of secretary of municipal Party committee, municipal committee, vice mayor Liu Zhaoli, the city Bureau of education chief Luo Hongrong, our school middle-level cadres accompanied by check.

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