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A Special Lecture on Sex Education Titled “I Am Youthful, I Am Healthy, and I Am Beautiful”

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Zhang shuzhen    Author:Student Affairs Office
        Our school is concerned about adolescent education of female students and has been carrying out the education policy for all-round development in morality, wisdom, and heath. At 9:20 of the evening of May 4, a special lecture on sex education titled “I Am Youthful, I Am Healthy, and I Am Beautiful” was being held in the school auditorium. The lecture on sexual health education is to solve the emotional, psychological, and physical confusion of the adolescent girls. According to the characteristics of students’ physical and mental development, the lecturer called Zou Deqiong, a section chief of the municipal Women & Children's Health Care Service Station, instructed the girls how to correctly deal with puppy love.
        Our school leaders attach great importance to the lecture, especially our school headmaster,Zhang Zhikui. Mr.Zhang made a concluding remark “As a father”, which calls on the girls to know how to respect and take care of themselves, and have the awareness of protecting their bodies. Finally, all the girls applauded to express their thanks for Mrs.Zhou’s hard work, the headmaster’s affectionate instruction and the arrangement of this meaningful activity of our school.   

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