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The Movie-watching Activities on Weekends to Make the Students Relax Themselves Physically and Menta

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Zhang Shuzhen    Author:Wang KunPing

        On the evening 7:00-9:00 of November 2011, the classic film "Terminator 1" was being shown for all boarding students of our school in the Xinyuantang hall, the plot is roughly as follows: in 2029 AD, after the nuclear destruction of Earth by the computer "Skynet", humans are almost wiped out completely. The rest of the human fight heroically against the computer under the leadership of John Connor, and turned the situation around. In order to change this, "Skynet" creates a time reversal device, sending the Terminator's humanoid robot T-800 back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor, mother of John so as to prevent the birth of John. John finds this conspiracy, captures laboratory and sends a warrior named Kyle Reese back to 1984 through the time channel to protect...

        In fairness, the film's plot is not very complex and tortuous, even just a few words can be used to describe it clearly, this kind of movie theme about robot destroying human is not so fresh, but this simple story presents to us the earthshaking audio-visual enjoyment.

       The film director and screenwriter is a Hollywood wizard James Cameron whose father is an electrical engineer and whose mother is a painter, which seems to have created his born artistic talent and leadership.

       This movie-watching activity on weekends is different from that in the past. Almost all students living on campus gather in the Xinyuantang hall on time, there is no need for teachers’ emphasizing on disciplines, the whole theater is so quiet that students’ breathing seems to be heard clearly. Maybe it is actors’ excellent acting skills or everyone’s worrying the fate of the masters of the story, Sarah Connor Arnold, or Schwarzenegger's "cold" powerful force that shock everybody present ... especially when we all thought that the robot T-800 was bombed to death and relieved for Sarah Connor, but T-800 holds out the evil hands, the audience spontaneously issued a screaming sound. Under this circumstance, students have been fully integrated into the story and understand that: Justice will ultimately prevail over evil. For our school students, learning task is very tough, especially for the boarding students, it is not easy to be accessible to the outer world and know something new. A good movie can not only make them relax themselves and regulate their learning atmosphere, but also allows them to believe that hard work is rewarding, which increases their motivation and confidence mentally.

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