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Possess the Spirit of“Modesty and Chastity”. Become the Talent of“Studiousness and Uprightness”

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Zhang shuzhen    Author:gsn xt
        Possess the Spirit of“Modesty and Chastity”. Become the Talent of“Studiousness and Uprightness” Dreams Set Sail

        Our school held a New Year party of welcoming 2011 with Red Ribbon Arts Festival performance.
On December 30, 2010, our school leaders, together with the distinguished guests from Wenhua Middle School and Yucai Middle School, parental representatives and nearly 2000 teachers and students, have watched the New Year party of welcoming 2011 with Red Ribbon Arts Festival performance, which is themed in “Dreams to set sail.”

        At 7 o’clock in the evening, the whole auditorium was so warm with excitement that everybody didn’t feel that it was only 10 degrees centigrade outside.

        When Mr. Fu, our school Party secretary was delivering a speech on welcoming the new year, applauses from the audiences arose like the sea tides .He made a summary about what we had done in 2010, praised the efforts and achievements the teachers and students made during the process of preparing for the college entrance examination, and thought highly of the honors received in teaching and researching activities in Chishui and in Zunyi. Finally, he said, “We school teachers and students should unite together, endeavor to work for ourselves and for the development of the future of our school, and devote ourselves to building a brighter school.”

        The dazzling fireworks erupted out into the sky, in the meanwhile; the host announced the beginning of the performance.

        First, the school choir sang two classics "Young Friends Get Together” and “In the Field of Hope”, which sounded melodious and were filled with vigor. The graceful melody, with the students’ shining smile, simple and elegant white shirts and plaid skirts, revealed the spiritual outlook of the students in our school, laying hopes of teachers and students on the New Year. The whole evening party lasted nearly two hours, the teachers , students and all the staff sang and danced together to praise the coming new year.

        The content of the party was rich and the theme was clear. The students demonstrated wonderful popular songs and memorable traditional songs, and modern dances displayed the vitality of the young students , in particular, musical plays reflected contemporary students’ showing respect and gratitude to their parents, in addition, our school ritual team showcased etiquette show about campus civilized behavior……

        Finally, Liu Xiaobing, Zhou Demei, Li qingsong, and other faculty members as the representatives of all ages of my school, got onto the stage to put on a performance praising our good life, singing of our great motherland. This show came to an end in a, warm, cheerful and peaceful atmosphere.

         We bid farewell to a fruitful 2010, smile to greet the coming 2011, in the bright lights of firecrackers and fireworks .Teachers and students in our school, with high spirit, set sail toward a brighter dream in the new year.

        The dream is the dawn of the summer, the winter sun to give us strength and consolation, when we are singing in the fields and the birds are flying in the sky, we have this magic power.

        2011, let us set sail! 

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