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Our School Held An Opening Ceremony With Beijing University Of Science And Technology To Build the Teaching Practice Site

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Zhu junrong    Author:Guan Shengnan Picture :XuTao
        On November 10, 2010 at four o ’clock in the afternoon, the Chishu No.1 Senior High School held an opening ceremony to Build the Teaching Practice Base Together with the relevant leaders from Design and Art College of Beijing University Of Science And Technology in the conference room on the fifth floor of the administration office building The People in the following attended the meeting, Cong Lei ,vice secretary of Party, vice -president from the Students’ Management Office of Beijing Design and Art College, Ruan Ping .a committee member from the Standing Committee of Chishui Municipal Committee and deputy mayor ,Tang Shanwen,office director of the Defense Education of Chishui People’s Government, Zhang Zhikui,headmaster of our school, Fu Jiaxu, secretary of Party Branch in our school , and WenZhiJian ,vice- headmaster in our school, . At the meeting, Mr Tang Shanwen introduced the general situation of the project "Build the Teaching Practice Site Together". Mr Zhang Zhikui reviewed the glorious history of our school, summarized and introduced the current situation of our school running. At the same time, he illustrated that our future planning is to make our school become the first class key senior school in Guizhou province. What’s more, he also expressed the continuous efforts, the unchangeable determination and confidence. Mr CongLei gave a brief introduction of their school history, and awarded"the Teaching Practice Site" tablet to our school. Mr Ruan Ping thought highly of the devotion and the demonstration function of our school in recent years for the education system in Chishui. On behalf of the Chishui Municipal Committee and Government, he expressed his thanks to our school for sending tens of thousands of outstanding graduates to all kinds of universities. He said our school should seize this opportunity “Build the Teaching Practice Site Together" and take full advantage of the good platform to better promote our school’s development. At the meeting, Mr Cong Lei awarded the tablet of" The Teaching Practice Site of the Design and Art College of Beijing University of Technology" to our school. Finally, Mr Zhang Zhikui showed them around our school. The launch of "Build the Teaching Practice Site Together” project is the new measure of our school to build the High-quality No.1 Senior High School, the Profound Culture No.1Senior High School, the Renowned Brand No.1 Senior High School, and it paves the way for achieving the goals of "The Twelfth Five-year" planning .

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