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Our School Held a Military Training Mobilization Meeting for Senior1 students

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Zhuang yu    Author:Guan shennan Xutao(Pic)
On July 15, 2010 ,at 10 o ’clock in the morning, the meeting was held in the school auditorium . Yan GuoFeng,the Vice-minister of Chishui People’s Armed Force Department ,Zhang Zhikui ,the headmaster of our school and relevant school leaders attended the meeting. Yang Yi, the director of our school office chaired the meeting. The meeting started in a resounding "Volunteer March" . At the meeting, Mr Yan Guofeng made a speech. He pointed out that, in the tide of globalization, promoting the national defense knowledge popularization to China’s primary and middle school students, and strengthening the education in discipline are the new the new requirements and new challenges for middle-school students in the new century. At the same time, he put forward definite requirements and sincere hopes to the new students , the military instructors and the teachers accompanying the new students . Then, Wen Zhiiian , the vice-headmaster in charge of moral work, made the relevant work arrangements and some emphases. First he expressed hearty welcome and congratulations to the new students. He said, “You are a group of energetic students, and a group of future backbones with fortitude spirit ". He stressed that the students should do as the military instructors order in the military training and not fear hardships and tiredness, telling the students to pay attention to food hygiene and personal safety and wishing the military a success. At the mobilization meeting, Yu Xiao ,a student from senior2 grade ,made a speech to the new students on be half of senior class students ,Zhang Yongquan, a freshman representative give a speech on stage. Zhou Yuanzhi, Jiang Xiaosu and Qu Xiulin respectively read the letter of challenge, the letter of accepting the challenge, the letter of determination . They made a sonorous promise and showed must-win determination to the school leaders, and the military instructor group. Just as YuXiao said "The darkest hour is the one before the dawn; so is success " Chishui No.1 Senior High School ,in recent years, under the leadership of the headmaster ,Zhang Zhikui , has been creating high-quality and brand-oriented school. The people with the pioneering and innovative spirit in our school have been making all efforts, and overcoming all difficulties. As a result, the managerial level and the teaching quality has been greatly improved and broken through. Our school is going forward to "a rigorous, humane, renowned brand school". After the meeting, a group of vigorous new students dressed in camouflage uniforms went into the tense and orderly military training.



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