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Our School Successfully Held an Evening Party to Celebrate the 27th Teachers' Day

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Zhuang yu    Author:Guan Shengnan Xutao(pic)
Shining Stars Spread Their Brightness on the Earth Our School Successfully Held an Evening Party to Celebrate the 27th Teachers’ Day September is a lovely season with the joy of a good harvest and the sweet savor of fruit for all teachers. On September 8, 2011, at 7:30pm, the evening party to celebrate the 27th teachers’ day began in our school auditorium. All the staffs in our school and all the students in the first-grade senior high students watched the evening party. Fragrant flowers were everywhere; applauses sounded like tide in the auditorium. The protagonists tonight , the teachers sitting in the first few rows, with their faces lighting up ,seemed extremely beautiful against the stage lights With the beautiful and moving melody “Teachers, I Miss You”, the party formally started. Our school headmaster, Zhang Zhikui, and the other leading group of our school went on stage with vigorous strides and accepted flowers sent by the students from the etiquette team of our school Students’ Union on behalf of the students and teachers. Then a warm and rigorous applause expressed our high respects and sincere thanks to the diligent, upright and selfless leading group of our school, who led the whole school to constantly advance and continuously break through. The host interviewed the headmaster, Zhang Zhikui, and he gave improvised wishes to the teachers’ day. The performance of Tai chi by the martial art team , consisting of the teachers such as Liu Xiaobing and some parents , who were in the most simple white clothing,was refreshing to us and shocked the audience by wonderful postures ."Using softness to conquer hardness, with solidness in softness" embodies the teachers’ emphasis on health and the principle of development with parents into schools.It is a feast for the eyes . The poem"I’m Proud of Being a Teacher” ,recited by Mr Pan Hua from our school English group and the intern teacher Chen Shuang , fully expressed the pride as a young people’s teacher and a trainee. The teachers and the students, who participated in the performance, offered up their wishes for the evening party for Teachers’ Day in the form of singing, dancing and so on. The familiar and sweet melody, such as" After Growing up, I Became You" ,"Blessing" ,"Chrysanthemum Stage" "Feeling the way" and so on won loud applause from the audience. The party grandly praised the annual excellent teachers from 2010 to 2011 school year, who were class adviser stars, teacher’s ethics stars, teaching stars, service stars and management stars As the prize citation said,“The class advisers are the minimum management department in the school. They are in charge of a class, but concern the happiness of dozens of the families. They come early, but leave too late”. They are one of the dazzling but silent stars in the bright sky. Excellent teachers’ morality is the cornerstone for the teacher career ,which can light up the long lonely night like the stars; teaching skills are one of the most shining stars; service support is one of the most indefatigable stars who work hard whether it rains or shines, but rarely complain, They are the morning star rising earliest in the sky , who offer a full range of logistical support and services to all the teachers and the students ; Management galaxies are a group of people with heavy burdens, who are in charge of the security of the entire school , teaching management .They frequently have routine inspections .They work for the safety of all teachers and students, including the life safety and the safety in work and study. Our school pays special attention to the teachers’ career planning and development for nearly three years .Since 2009, our school has carried out a series of reforms ,including "Sanwu" Classroom Reform, "3 3 1" Teaching-training Project, Incremental Appraisal, Flowing Water Project • • • Headmaster Zhang Zhikui ,as the core of leadership, has been attaching great importance on teachers’ professional development itself, and issued a series of rules and regulations for the long-term development of the teachers. He cares about the physical and mental health of the staffs, and advocates the fitness campaign of the whole staff .With his guidance ,our school carried out a Chinese shuttlecock kicking game, a red song -sing competition, a staff basketball match and other sports activities, which greatly enriched the staff’s leisure life, and promoted the teacher’s professional development, During the activities, a large number of outstanding teachers stood out, and created a good atmosphere -----“Everyone is eager to be advanced, striving to be outstanding”. The tireless and diligent people in our school keep the slogan in mind, that is“With strict systems to Manage the school , with elegant culture to refine the school and with high quality to boom the school ”and always remember the proverb“God helps those who helps themselves ”We will keep going to crease a harmonious, high-quality and brand-oriented school Tonight ,the stars are shining; tonight, happiness and laughter are echoing. Tonight, brightness is spreading. The party ended in the grandness, peace, and cheerfulness.

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