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The Emergency Evacuation Large Drill in Spring Semester of 2011

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Huang yulan    Author:Guo Zhendong (text) Li Wenling(picture)

       On May 17, in the third anniversary of "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake, the school held an emergency evacuation drill, aimed at raising the awareness of safety of teachers and students, and training escape skills of teachers and students in emergencies . At 9:50 pm, the campus alert sounded, the drills in the teaching area began. Teachers and students evacuated orderly and rapidly following the designated routes from the classroom to the place of safety , all staff took positive action to urge the students for the fastest evacuation. In only 1 minute 58 seconds, the teachers and the students all safely evacuated to the safe spot. Director of  Office of Political Education, Guo Zhendong, made a review of the drill, and pointed out: Life is above all,and safety comes first. All teachers and students attached great importance on the drill, and showed great love for life, which is commendable. The leaders from Chishui Comprehensive Management of Public leadership went to the spot to watch the drills and spoke highly of it.
      At 1:50 pm,
with the urgent electric bell and whistle ringing in the living area  , the evacuation drills in the living area began. Guo Zhendong, director of Office of Political Education, Wangkun Ping , director of  Office of the Students' Management, and all the other teachers organized the evacuation.Only in 1 minute 10 seconds, all students of the four apartments evacuated to the safe areas. Director ,Wang Kunping made a review of the drill. She spoke highly of the overall behaviour of the students during the drill.        

        Through the exercises, the students' safety awareness was improved, and mastered the skills of emergency escape. They said, the emergency evacuation drill is a must in life. They benefited a lot from it.



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