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Guessing Riddles---- A Taste of Chinese Characters

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Huang Yu Lan    Author:Class2 Grade1


A Team Activity of Class 2, Grade1

Class 2 Grade 1 carried out a group activity in the form of riddles to understand and feel the charm of Chinese characters. All the students participated actively.

Guessing riddles is a valuable culture, existing in China from ancient times and has spread through the imagination of a riddle, knowing a variety of ways, part of the Chinese characters regroup into a new and interesting characters--- namely answers.
In such a way, students’ thinking ability and quick response ability is greatly trained and the interest of students in Chinese characters is stimulated, so that students are more interested in learning the language. The activity was chaired seriously by the Branch of Youth League in the school , which offered a variety of forms of riddles to the students for thinking. During the activity, the host gave some tips or ideas of solving the puzzles so that students could understand them more easily. Students tried to think, sometimes some student were able to give the answers immediately, but sometimes it took a long time for them to solve them, about which all students felt very happy. At the same timethe students also tasted the charm the Chinese characters, which killed two birds with one stone! In addition, the class carried out some fast thinking to develop the ability to respond and the anti-logical thinking of the students.

The activity also has some shortcomings, for example, a small number of students had little enthusiasm for the activity, and some students didn’t fully show themselves because of difficult riddles. We will try our best to improve these deficiencies.

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