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Fight through Wind and Rain

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Chen Hui    Author:

Fight through Wind and Rain -----For the successful holding of the 20th campus autumn games

It is said that October in China should be cool and crisp, but the opening ceremony of the 20th campus track and field meet in Chichi No.1 Senior High School for the autumn semester was on in drizzling. At 7:40am of October 19th, 2011, more than 2,000 students in our school were sitting their own classroom, some waiting patiently, some reading. About 20 minutes later, the dean informed through the campus broadcast that, “All teachers and students, attention please! Please gather now at the playground to attend the opening ceremony for the campus games. It is raining much weaker now!”  Along with the sonorous melody of Sportsmen March, all the students came out in order from their classrooms. A great many scenes on the opening ceremony moves those people standing on the platform, the parading troops entering the stadium and all the teachers and students. The bright five-starred red flag came over gently under the protection of the flag-bearers. The banner printed with “Modesty and Chastity, Studiousness and Uprightness”  demonstrates the spirit of the school motto. “High-quality Chishui No.1 Senior High School”, “Profound-culture Chishui No.1 Senior High School” and “Harmonious No. 1 Senior High School” shows the core spirit of our schooling. Furthermore, the emblem of this sports meet illustrates the athletes’ spirit in the combined form of images and words.  In the wind and rain, the team holding colorful flags passed through the platform. Then, it rained more and more heavily and the people standing on the platform unfolded their umbrellas gradually. But the phalanxes made up of our athletes were still well in order, including those passed the platform, passing the platform and to pass the platform.

Balloons, hand-painted boards, garlands, big or   small drums, spades, dances, styles and the class uniforms with great creativity and full positive meanings were all used by each class in their phalanxes, bringing a great feast for the eyes to the audience.  A parent arriving to witness the opening ceremony praised the sports meet like this “The rich imagination and the strong DIY capacity of the students in Chishui No.1 Senior High School are well displayed from their phalanxes’ demonstration. The innovation of the juvenile really surprises me”.  Although the weather was not as nice and sunny as that in the past years, the continuous patter of raindrops failed to retreat our athletes and judges. It was in the rain that the men’s 3,000m, women’s 1,500m and the team’s 4*100m relay races continued as usual and the autumn rain didn’t ward off the passion of all the students and teachers to carry out the sports meeting to the end.

The flying ponytail, the jumping short black haircut, the dignified or relaxed face, the bright numbered cloth rolling along with the footsteps and the figures running on the red-and-white track were all declaring the students’ oaths---“Never give up, always go beyond yourself and face up to difficulties”.  At 12:00am of October 22nd, the school sports meet lasting for two and a half days ended. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Fu Jiaxu, the party branch secretary of our school made a summary of the sports meet. He highly praised the athletes for their perseverance in the games; he gave his regards and praise orally to the judges fulfilling their job responsibilities during the sports and he thought high of all the teachers and students for their good behaviors in the games. The continuous patter of raindrops continues! Although there is no enthusiastic crowd cheering, no chasing figures on the field, the iron seat for judges, the empty football goals stand there forever and they have witnessed the chasing figures of our athletes.

In recent years, our school has set great stress on the education and teaching qualities and the improvements of teachers’ professional skills. Our school has focused on the construction of campus cultures and firmly adhered to the idea of “Managing the school with reasonable regulations to build a rigorous No.1 Senior High School; refining the school with cultures to create a harmonious No.1 Senior High School ;strengthening the school with high quality to establish a branded No.1 Senior High School”. Under the leadership of the headmaster Zhang Zhikui, the people in our school strove to realize the “three improves”, “three transforms” and “three wins” (improve the management quality, and transform the image of Chishui No.1 Senior High School to win the public trust; improve the teaching quality and transform the teaching atmosphere to win the student resources; improve the schooling quality and transform the cultural orientation to win the development). To our relief, in this sports meet, all the teachers and students have illustrated the real meaning of “Modesty and Chastity, Studiousness and Uprightness” with their practical actions. The people in Chishui No.1 Senior High School always keep the motto in mind that“Long as the way is, I will make every effort to pursue my dream.” and adhere to putting it in into action without fear . The rainy time will stop and the windy day will end too, the footstep of our marching ahead will never cease. We all firmly believe that the colorful rainbow will appear in the near future!



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