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Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Yuanli    Author:yangyi
        Our school strengthened the teaching reform with great effort—new method after new method, of which the regular administration of Senior Three is the most important in developing our school.
        Our school led a team of 37 members including all the headmasters in Senior Three and some non-teaching staffs to communicate with teachers in Nanchua Middle school in Chongqing.
        Our school pay so much attention to this communication that Secretary of the school Party Branch, Fujiaxun, and Vice-Principal who majors in teaching ,Yenaijun, were appointed to take charge of this it and the teachers in Senior three were the majority of the team. Its main goal is to exchange experience about strategies, detailed methods, break-through points and so on.
        To start with ,the relative leaders of Nanchuan Middle school showed us around their school and exhibition rooms and then teachers of two schools got together to communicate. Vice-Secretary of Party Communittee in Nanchuan Middle school, Lixianjun, introduced their school, saying that their school is among the first schools in Sichuan Province and Chongqing City. It is among the 20 famous schools in Chongqing which includes over 6400 students ,350 staffs and dates back to 1938. Since 1940 underground Party organization has been founded and until 1984 Party Communittee was set up. Nanchuan Middle school has made great achievements in school whose successful experience can be listed as follows. Firstly, stick to quality-centered thought and strengthen the sense of quality. Secondly,teacher-centered sense. Thirdly, focus on collective preparation of lessons. Fourthly, concentrate on quality control. Fifthly, pay close attention to class efficiency.
        Next, the director of Senior Three, Luoyongjie introduced how to arrange the work well at length. Firstly, arrange and plan carefully, and focus on two outlines—one is text and subjects, while the other is the University Entrance Exam. Secondly, tamp foundation, pass in all aspects, and pay attention to important points.
        He pointed out and carried out the break-through strategies—winner of the integrated subjects, winner of the world. He also emphasized the importance of controlling students between two levels to improve the enrolment rate. Thirdly, teaching administration should contrite on preparation lessons group and collective preparation of lessons. Student administration should focus on class culture, group administration in each class, enhancing the sense of rule and discipline. Fourthly, united thought, a clear target, clear realization about situation, common prosperity and honor, success in the University Entrance Exam with all efforts.
        Then, our Vice-Principal Yenajun introduced the education and teaching situation of our school and showed that we would bring the experience back and research and draw lessons. What’s more, we would seize the precious challenge to bring up our teaching quality. Finally, Chinese, Math’s, English, Physics, Chemistry, biology, geography teachers communicated more deeply respectively. This communication is pragmatic, in time, pertinence which will play a positive role in improving our school’s enrolment rate in 2012.

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