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United- Senior One Group held a tug-of-war for friendship

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Yuanli    Author:csyxsh


  In order to improve students sense of taking exercise and the spirit of collectivism, become self-disciplined and enrich their school life. Our school made use of their free time to organize a tug-of-war with the purpose of bringing up friendship and unity among classes on April 23rd,2010. It is an elimination game with one failure---two out of three sets. All headmasters led students to participate seriously. Most classes obeyed the game rules and arrangement of judges and students in Students Union, making sure friendship first, competition second. Most classes were pretty close, making it fierce and shouts and the cheers of joy everywhere. Through this activity, not only did students build up their strength but also it cultivated students will and quality. It even enhanced class unity, which contributed to school harmony.


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