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Develop LeiFeng’s spirit Class1 grade1’s team program series

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Xie JinYou    Author:admin

         In order to make communist youth league members realize the truth meaning of Li Feng’s spirit, to practice what one advocates earnestly. Our school branch held two stage of team program series. In the first stage,mainly for learning the spirit of LeiFeng for a better invironment,the latter period in maily on practice activity.

  In the first stage.Two members of branch secretary host a activity named LeiFeng in my heart.In this activity, league members and other students reviewed the oath,singing the league song.Meanwhile,telling the typical case of LeiFeng. We also arranged time for members to express their writings about LeiFeng.It was truly that students deeply understood the spirit of LeiFeng and wanted to be another living LeiFeng.

  It was greatly improve member’s knowledge of LeiFeng.,making demands on them: work with the collectivism as the principle made by the party.Honestly and trustworking,putting into practice.Seeking for truth and being practical.

  After the leaning process. 11th March 2008. We carried out school practical activities.On the second period, it mainly let league member clean school boards and ceramics, pulling of weeds.In addition, a group of 55 students donated their savings to set up a love box to help those students in need.

  After the activity,class committee and two branch secretary gave league members a summery. Pointing out the shortage of this activity.Eagerly hoping they can carry more social practice,mouning red martyrs and revolutionists,visiting the lonely old people and so on.

  In this activity,league members not only met their goals,but also improved their ideological quality.Putting LeiFeng spirit into practice. In our future life, all the students in our league will develop the spirit and do our small part to the spirit.


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