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The cultural propaganda draft of the No.1 Senior high school of Chishui City, Guizhou province

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Wu Ying    Author:csyz


Chishui No.1 Senior high School is located among the mysterious Spinulose tree fern, the worldly famous DanXia land form and the beautiful Water fulls, It is an old but Still Young school, the culture of crossing chishui river four times nourishes its growth.

2.The brief introduction of chishui No.1 Senior high School

Located along the ancient and mysterious chishui in 1927, and changed its current name in 1950, the in 1993,  it became an independent high school. It was awarded as the Demonstrating high school of Gui Zhou province (the second level). Our School has many titles. Such as the Civilized Unit, the Green School, the Culture building advanced unit of GuiZhou province. In 2009, Chishui No.1 Senior high School cooperated with the Southwestern University to be a teaching practice base. The 985 project University. The Beijing institute of Technology is also our partner. Chishui No.1 Senior High School insists on governing the School by system to build a Serious No.1 Senior high School; managing the School by culture to build a humanities No.1 Senior High School ;developing the School by quality to build a famous No.1 Senior High School ,using these aims to Strengthen and mature every management,especially focuses on the building of .TheModest strength,good learning Studies.

Now,Chishui No.1 Senior High School has a large group of qualified teachers,. We has 47 Senior teachers,64 Secondary teachers and most of them are learned ones in each fields.Our school pays much attention to teachers training.From the year 2011 on,We have Conducted the331training project namely,to cultivate core teachers,then finally to be moving teachers, to be inspiring teachers and to be pleasing teachers.


Chishui No.1 Senior High School covers an area of 53333 square meters,and the area is 19612 square meters, 16736 square meters is the green coverage.

It has three main teaching buildings, namely,the ideal holding building ,the morality holding building and the Thank-giving building ,An even more advanced teaching building is being constructed,Among these buildings,we have 3 physics, chemistry and biology labs separately.Two general technology labs, three language labs,two computer labs ,one broadcasting and security systems separately,one library(74826 books).One are center , one LED Screen, one theatre-like School auditorium four Students apartment buildings and a Standard playground with a 300 metres Synthetic track,a man-made grass football field ,five basketball courts,one Volleyball court,two badminton Courts and twelve table tennis tables nineteen multi-media class rooms and All of these makes chishui No.1 Senior High school become a modern school.

The Campus of No.1 Senior High School is covered with greens Every where you can see big trees and beautiful flowers. Once you step into the campus, You.ll see the motto of our school,Modest Strength, good learning studies.which inspires students generation lot generation. There are many cultural stones in our School.and each one is covered with famous saying,such asthe highest good is lire water.and soon.These stones quietly pass the information of Chinese great culture and the true spirit of our school.There are also many pavilions in our school.each casts student thanks for their teachers.

4.Teaching culture

The chishui No.1 Senior high School requires that every stuff should be in their office till their students’leaving School, in order to make teaching effectively Every morning at 7:40 am.the sound of reading English or Chinese is around the campus.The head teachers and some relative teachers walk through every classroom to instruct Students’ reading. Our school has perfect evaluating systems,Teachers are ,Such as, the star of head teachers.the star of teaching, the star of management the stor of morality,the star of service and so on. Since head master Zhang Came into power many reforms came into being.Creative class is the special one,It is a compete reform to traditional classes.For in this new class.Students are the central prat of class.teachers are just the subordinate ones.In this way, the creative thinking of students are developed.

At the beginning of 2011,Head master Zhang drew a conclusion to the creative class,encouraging teachers to open up every possibility to promote the quality of teaching.Every teacher should pay more attention to their career to be more responsible for their career to be more responsible for their Students.

Every day ,the leaders of our School inspect certain class without informing teachers in order to make a clear understanding of the class the teaching and the sound of students.

Teaching of every subject prepare lessons together to brainstorm new ideas of teaching.Every Wednesday and Thursday is the day when teachers sit together to discuss new tactics.Discussions are of different forms.The more important thing is that teachers whether old or young accept reasonable advice from each other.This is a beautiful view of our school.

5.The culture of living

Our school is the second home of teachers and students .In their daily life,they pay attention to decorate their offices,classes and dormitories. Every office in our school is beautified according to the character of each office.Some put up traditional Chinese arts. some put up beautiful pictures.All of these show the morality of teachers .Once you step into their will feel the morale of teachers and the atmosphere is nice for teachers to prepare lessons.

Every classroom puts up the sign ofI love my homewhich shows the culture and characteristics of each class.Our class room is bright and clean thae is a very good place to study.

There are four Student’s apartment buildings,namely:Qinyu building ,Dieyu building ,Heyu building and Qiangzai building,In order to intensify the management to boarders,requiring safety and cleanness.The headteachers go to care for thir students every week at certain time to care about  the boarders’life and study as well as instruct the cleaning of their dormitories.Thus, the clean and tidy beds and floors come into being,In order to strengthen the atmosphere of study.We also take some measures to rate every dormitory thus improve the interest of study.

In order to guarantee, the quality of living, we built a standard canteen actively.and made it civilized,tidy,safe and qualified.The environment of our canteen is tidy,clean,and comfortable.Our canteen can hold thousands of students to have meals.Our canteen is the only one in chishui which was honored as theBlevel canteen of Zunyi city.

In order to guarantee the quality of food our school leaders have meals with students every day and make necessary records.

There is also deep culture in our canteen,classical quotations on the walls tell our student to treasure every meal and be thankful to our life.

6.The culture of activities

Our school stressed the development of extracurricular activities,We have independent art building and open up a special classroom for music class.For the purpose of happy learning ,associations of our school organize a variety of activities to rich student’life.such as football and basketball match,speech Festival and so on ,All of these activities make our campus filled with joy and happiness,everyone is full of energy,thus improving their study.


Recently.thanks to the consideration of chishui government and the bureau of education as well as different and the bureau of eduction as well as different parts of our city ,Chishui No.1 Senior High school improves a lot.We always keep our pace with the times and finally established our special feature of teaching,which receives good reputation,We deeply believe,with our restless effort,We’ll have a more bright future,and accomplish the Twelfth Five-Year plan,thae is to establish a school that is famous in GuiZhou and keep promoting by its quality.

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