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Teaching staffs in charge of 2012 graduating classes come to chongqing tian jiabing middle school for academic exchanges

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Wang Qiong    Author:Lu Paiqing

Our teaching staffs in charge of 2012 graduating classes had been to Chongqing Tian Jiabing middle school (Chongqing NO.49 middle school)for academic exchanges during March 30 to April 1.

We first attent the lectures  that talks about the unique teaching model(practice-learn-teach-test-evaluate)and listened the introductions about Tian Jiabing school's characteristic art and athletic students cultivation experience.

Later that lecture we had a big discussion on the topic of "different teaching strategizes and styles applied in the same content"

To show our educational ideals, politics teacher Zhou Demei, physics teacher Dai Huayong, mathematic teacher had some presenting classes.

After that teachers of each subject had academic exchanges of the revision schedule design of graduating class, use of study materials, training and test arrangement,  nurturance of good students, teacher's improvement, administration of students and so on.


Finally, we paid visits to their standard labs, computer rooms, music class room, art class room, multi-media class room, library and reading rooms and other teaching facilities.

It is all heard that Tian Jiabing middle school is a key middle of Chongqing, which at the same time enjoyed the titles such as national good moral contributes school, model establishment of Chongqing and  one of the education research experiential base school of Chongqing. In the early year of 1963, all the first three students had graduated from Tian Jiabing middle school. These facts make Tian Jiabing middle school a famous and influential middle school at chongqing.




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