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Success in holding the forum of "high & middle school teaching cohesion and effective class build

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Wang Qiong    Author:csyz

Since the lunching of the so called "three-5s "class management reforming principles and the focusing of introducing high quality of students , the leading group and all together the great efforts of every devoting teaching staff have made an encouraging promoting in teaching quality and a noticeable progress in the development of Chishui NO .1 middle school.

As an enterprising team, NO. 1 middle school is always seeking a long-term development, trying to find a much better track in every aspect. To achieve that goal, NO.1 school held  the forum of "high & middle school teaching cohesion and effective class building " on June 24.

It was lucky and honored to have visitors to participate in the forum who were coming from Chi-Shui NO. 6 middle school, Bai-Yun middle school, Tian-Tai middle school , Shi-Bao middle school , Wen-Hua middle  school and No.18 middle school of ZUN YI.

This forum consisted of four major parts which were well enjoyed by  the guests. These procedures were monitoring class, visiting the campus , watching the film " the endeavored  Chishui NO 1 middle school" and discussion at the forum.

The last procedure , the discussion at the forum, which is considered as the most important one, was held by Ye Nai Jun, the vice headmaster of Chishui No.1 middle school.
   He showed the Chishui No.1 middle school's university entrance exam results in year of  2011.

He putted an emphasis on that it was encouraging and not easy that the breakthrough made at the ratio at students admitted by "the first and second standard college" and the highest score obtained this year. He said that all the achievements could not be made without the concern of the government and the committee of the Party and the supports provided by the brother-like schools present.

Later headmaster Zhang Zhikui delivered a meaningful and passionate speech.

he said:

"we take this forum as a big stage of welcoming intelligent friends to join the great task of education of Chishui. To have the chance to hold such a forum is a rare opportunity, a huge honor , a great rejoicing to our school. "

Besides that , principal Zhang expressed the encouragement and the determination of all staff in NO.1 middle school to take useful advices and to apply different opinions to make further steps in all hard situations. He believed that all the contributing advices and intellectual opinions given by brother schools shall blossom in the campus, thus NO.1 middle school shall write a new chapter in education for Chishui city.

And then the forum did go to the communication on specific topics. Tian Shaoping , minister of teaching and researching department of Shi-bao middle school, gave a speech which titled as keep the root of education in rural areas. Gao Dehua , minister of teaching and researching department of Bai-yun middle school, delivered a speech called improve the immune ability of students by more delicate concerning, teacher Wang Hai coming from Wen Hua made a speech entitled reflections on Chinese teaching in junior middle school from a cohesion view, Wang Ming Lan , Chinese teacher representing NO.1 middle school, made the speech how to grow effective wings on a class.

At the end of the forum, secretary of the Party Fu Jia Xun acknowledged the participants of this forum by saying that It takes 10 years to grow a tree, while a sound education program may require 10 times as long before it takes root and we are grateful and expecting that all the brother schools could ensure more qualified students into NO.1 middle school and offer more valuable suggestions in a cooperative attitude in order to enhance further cooperation and deeper communications between each other. He hoped that all schools present could seize the opportunity of cooperation and communication to stimulate the increasing of teaching standard.

After the forum, all the participants took a photo together for memory.

Success in holding this forum has strengthened the communication and mutual understanding between No.1 middle school and his brother schools, which shows the advanced teaching level and the good qualities and spirits of students and all teaching numbers of No.1 middle school.

All in all, this scientific, pragmatic and positive forum has made a deep influence on the education of Chi Shui.



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