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Our school send an English teacher to England for training for the first time

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According to the demand of The Ministry of Education on “improve nationa middle school English teacing” , through school recommendation, after relative examination and check, our English teacher Miss Zhangshuzhen took part in the 19 round in 2011 middle school teachers training abroad, which was organized by Nation Fund Committee for Study Abroad. It is the first time our school teacher take part in such project, and it will have great influence on increasing teachers’ training , improving teachers professional quality and building better teachers images.


Ps. Training feelings by Miss Zhang


Unforgettable journey to Reading University

It is my great honour to be part of this project. There are 38 teachers ,mainly come from 9 provinces in the west. We left on Feb. 21 from Beijing , after eleven hours flight, we arrived London, then we took bus for 50 minutes and arrived Reading town, which is known as “England Silicon Valley”. My three- month training started there.


We lived with native people during the three-month, which created good language environment for us, meanwhile , we can have a better understanding of English language, culture and social customs. We studied in Reading University from Monday to Friday every week. In April, school arranged a visit to a local middle school, I and my classmates went travelling around the country during weekends, to know more about England. During the study,we had various activities,such as, we listened a lecture about England education system, charity organization Nation Trust told us about charity industry around England, the issue of disabled people as well as how the government and the society help the disabled. We retuned in May 21.

This study journey is unforgettable to me, I learned a lot, not only have I boardened my eyes, but also I have had a deeper understanding about teaching theory and teaching method . It enables me to make more contributions to my career.



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