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Our School Signed an Agreement with Southwest University about Creating a Creative Model Base for Na

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Wang jianping    Author:

    In recent years, our school makes every effort to carry out the strategy  of creating a school with high quality. With the help of  ZunYi Education Bureau, in Jan. 2009 , we successfully applied this project--- signed an agreement with Southwest University about creating a creative model base for national teachers education


This project has three goals: create a specialized model base for teachers. 2. to create a data base for mutual use. 3. for polybasic communication. The main contents of the projects are : 1. create better teacher team together. 2. create resource network together. 3. create model base together. 4. do some research together. 5. innovate operation mechanism.

This project will be of benefit to our school in teachers’ development and recruit students, our school will have closer connection with southwest university, and it will have great influence on our school’s way to quality school.




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