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Learning from each other Making development together

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Luo Yao    Author:


----- Our school and No.2 Middle school of Luzhou County exchange management measures.


15th, June, 2009, accompanied by Zeng wen feng, vice mayor of chishui, He jun, vice director of government office, Wang xue qian, director general of chishui Education bureau, the educational research team which is from No.2 middle school of Luzhou county visited our school. Fu jia xu, the Party branch’s secretary, Wen zhi jian, vice headmaster of our school, both of them showed the Educational research team around our school, and then they held an exchange program conference.

First, Zen wen feng warmly welcomed the coming of the Educational research team. He suggested that No.2 middle school of Lu zhou county and No.1 middle school of Chi shui should exchange teaching ideas and learn from each other, he also hoped No.1 middle school and the other schools in Chi shui can improve their educational management by learning from the experience of No.2 middle school of Lu zhou county. Liu shu lan, vice mayor of Lu zhou county, said that the main aim of this visit was to strengthen the link between two schools and improve together in education by learning from each other. In the conference, Fu jia xu introduced the management condition of our school: the current headmaster of NO.1 middle school was elected by voting for the first time in Chishui in August, 2008. This was a significant reform in Chi shui education. The lead team of our school made some plans about new management methods and targets based on the school's condition, they undertook serious analysis and made some good plans, such as strengthening administrative management, the management of teaching and students, paying attention to the education of teachers and taking some powerful measures to attract excellent students. Compared with the educational resources around Chishui, our school still has a lot to improve, it should improve teaching facilities, equipments and pay more attention to the cultivation of young teachers, who still have a lot to learn.

Liu zhong lun, headmaster of No.2 middle school of Lu zhou county, stated that the government and committee of Lu zhou county paid much attention to the development of education and invested lots of funds to build the infrastructure for education, the aim was to develop a good situation in senior education, Liu zhong lun also said that there were lots of young teachers in No.2 middle school of Lu zhou county, they also had a lot to improve themselves and ask advice from experienced teachers. Finally, Liu zhong lun showed the will that their school will offer more opportunities for the young teachers in both school to learn from each other and build a platform for them to communicate and discuss. All these measures' aim is to make the two schools develop together.

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