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East China Normal University paid a “find roots and friends” visit to our school

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Translator Li Xue Qing    Author:
        During July 14 to 16, East China Normal University paid a "finding roots and friends" visit to our school. The visiting group was consisted of three post graduate students and seven under graduate students taking a leader as the secretary of pre-school age and special education school Zhang Jiayin.
        The ever lasting friendship between our school and East China Normal University originated from Da Xia University which was found by a group scholars coming from Xia Men and Fu Dan University. In the year of 1944, forced by the Anti-Japanese warfare, Da Xia University moved to Chi shui city and made there her home until 1964. The Wen Chang Palace was severed as her headquarter and Da Xia operated most her acdemic activities in the teaching buildings of our school as a welcomed guest. When the war was over Da Xia went back to zhejiang province leaving both her teaching equipments and ideals which had promoted the academic level of Chishui No.1 middle school for a very long period.
        On October 16, 1951, Da Xia University officially changed her name into East China Normal University.
        In memory of such a precious history 67 years before, SCNU decided to visit her long lost contact friends and find the roots of her own. The visiting group had met with Huang Yishu who graduated from physics school of ECNU in 1990. It had also interviewed retired teacher Wang Guanglie who is 89 years old now knowing the story of Da Xia University very well. During its visit ,the group attended the reporting lecture called "spread more love, step into a red future ".
        There was one thing causing extra-attention that the vice principal, secretary of the party Lin Changyong as well as the minister of Department of Students Affairs Yu Shien were specially coming to our school during their busy schedule from Chongqing. Principal Lin asked his fellow men to express the sincere gratitude to Chi Shui No.1 middle school for the generous accommodation 67 years ago by carrying out actions in staff training cooperations, academic exchanges,materiel using and sharing and so on.
        Lin also said :" I have seen a promising and blooming Chi Shui No.1 middle school on this opening semester day through all those encouraging facts."
        Time has proved the friendship and opportunity between ECNU and NO.1 middle school of Chi Shui. The two friends shall deepen the precious friendship after this sincere, friendly and meaningful visit.

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