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Changes in the role of teachers, students being actively involved in the class

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Li Xueqin    Author:csyz

Chishui NO#1 Middle School Holding Teaching Forum Activity on Changes in the Role of Teachers under the Background of New Curriculum 

        The wind began to blow at its first glance, rippling the peaceful surface of the pond# In the afternoon on November 22, 2012, a crowd of people were sitting in the lecture room of Chuishui NO#1 Middle School# And the people burst out a sea of warm applause from time to time# It was our school that was holding the Teaching Forum Activity on advanced after the teachers which was one of the "331" project of training backbone teachers# The theme of the activity was Changes in the Role of Teachers under the Background of New Curriculum# The New Curriculum reform had had the the full implementation in the freshmen and sophomore year in our school# When meeting with the new curriculum and new teaching methods, it is undoubtedly a big challenge to the teachers who are accustomed to the traditional teaching under the background of New Curriculum# In order to push forward the further reform of classroom; make our students become the major player of classroom; structure high efficient classroom and change the roles of teachers, Chishui NO#1 Middle School held the Teaching Forum Activity# Now, let’s see and listen how a few outstanding teachers convert the roles of teachers# On the Teaching Forum, Zhou Demei, who is the director of the teaching and research of Chishui NO#1 Middle School; provincial backbone teacher and senior teacher, discussed with other teachers together the topic , how to structure a high efficient classroom and let students gain knowledge happily# She expressed her opinion that a high efficient classroom needed teachers and students put into their true feelings and that we as teachers should create an atmosphere with openness and democracy to let students learn happily# Teachers should give students a charming stage to show themselves and a practical field from which they can get the fruit of knowledge# Thus, our students can have the feelings of happiness and are willing to devoted their true feelings into the classroom# And a classroom like this is truly high efficient and harmonious# When director Zhou Demei was presenting her opinion, she also played a episode of video which was a wonderful public lecture of professor, Li Dawu, and this video was one of the one hundred most popular videos# After watching the video of professor , Li Dawu’s class, a lot of teachers spoke highly of it and realized that they could teach their students like that# Finally, director Zhou appealed to us teachers# Not only was classroom the teachers’ stage, but also it was students’ stage on which they could show themselves and gain their confidence and at last get the happiness of learning# Compared with the former, the later was more important# Backbone teacher of Chishui county and advanced Chinese teacher, Chen Yuan, shared his idea with us with passion# In the information era, it was impossible that every aspect of teacher’s knowledge surpassed students’ and sometimes some aspects of students’ knowledge had passed teachers’ far away# The students’ brains were not empty containers, but a treasure house with rich knowledge# And the teacher ’s mission was to lead students themselves to explore their own talents# Only we established than thoughts of students and teaching could our teaching make the students become the major player truly# Advanced English teacher Zhang Shuzhen, who once went to University of Reading as visiting scholar, felt greatly when talking about the changes of teacher’s role# She said the class was very boring in the past and we often had the feelings of getting not so good results after using great efforts# She did not realize that she had a deep sentiment until she got to the University of Reading# She said, the classroom was the classroom of students and we as teachers must change the situation where the teachers were the major players of classroom, not the students# At present, in my class, sixty percent of time was doing panel discussions# Because only when students personally involved themselves into group activity, could they not feel boring and could they feel happy# We could improve the efficiency of learning naturally# Backbone teacher of Zun Yi county and advanced Math teacher, He Jianrong, told us that high school students should participate actively in the new round of curriculum reform and reexamine their professional roles# Teachers should become the supporter of students learning actively; organizer of students learning independently; participant of cooperative learning; guide of students exploring and evaluator of promoting students’ overall development# The Teaching Forum also invited Ran Qirong as the young representative of 331 backbone teachers’ treating project# Mr Ran said, the teachers should clear their identification of guide; participant; cooperator; creator; lover appearing on the teaching stage and friends after class not substitute; bounder; blinder and commander appearing outside of classroom# He also presented out with emotion the case that let students act as teachers, which gave teachers a deep impression# Finally, the vice-president of Chishui NO#1 Middle School, Ye Naijun, made a wonderful comment on the teaching forum activity# He said that teachers should be simple; straightforward and shouldn’t look down upon others and have to narrow the distance with teachers# Mr Ye used a vivid metaphor to explain the roles of teachers# Under the background of new curriculum, teachers should the helmsman, the lighthouse and tour guide# The Forum activity of after advanced teachers’ changes of teachers’ roles got a successful conclusion in the warm applause# It would improve further the reform of “SAN AND WU” teaching# And it also would play a positive role in promoting the full implementation of the new curriculum reform#
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