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Chen Jinshu, a teacher in our school, got the first place in the English-teaching competition for the senior middle school of Chishui

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Chen jinshu    Author:Zhou demei


The four-day English-teaching competition for senior middle school in Chishui began in the multi-media classroom in No.1 middle school on the morning of June 21st, 2011. There are altogether sixteen teachers competing in the competition, of whom five teachers are from No.1 middle school and got high scores: Chen Jinshu got the first place, and Luo Yao and xie Jinyou won the second place, Wang jianping and pan Hua the third place.

    The several judges made serious and fair judgments on every contestant’s class patiently although in the hot summer days. All of the other English teachers of our school also took an active part in the activity: they attended the competition classes when having no class themselves, which illustrates that they are hard-working and willing to learn from others. We believe that the English teaching in our school will be much better in the near future just due to such a group of teachers with a good attitude and work style.



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