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Some Concepts of No.1 Middle School

Date:07-13-2012    Translator:Chen jinshu    Author:csyz

Education concept: Both teachers and students gain development with various teaching methods according to different students and times. With people-oriented management, the school’s development is based on both teachers’ and students’ development so that both can gain a sense of happiness and achievement. Teachers treating students equally, education should be variously based on different students and times. Yicai means different students while yishi different times, which indicates that education should focus on students’ differences as well as different times.

School’s goals of development: refining culture to make a humane school; developing systems to make a rigorous school; improving quality to make a strict brand school.

Leaders’ construction: be gentlemen instead of villains. Morality of gentlemen: pursuing fame and wealth without breaking morality and justice; minds of gentlemen: loyal, forgiving and magnanimous; training of gentlemen: gentle and knowledgeable; communication of gentlemen: united but collusive.

Group construction: Industrious and upright. qinfen means industrious; leiluo means upright.

Teachers construction: Attitude reflects level; Responsibility enhances ability.

Classroom teaching: “three fives” class teaching. “wuyou” teaching means :youqu(interesting and lively), youwei(unique personality ) , youai(emotional), youyi(give students right for raising questions), youchi(tense as well as relaxing); “wudao” learning means: yandao(students and teachers pay attention to each other), shoudao(students’ activities of referring to materials and taking notes), koudao(raising questions and expressing their ideas), xindao(thinking), shendao(students’ state); “wuding” means: dingshi(time), dingliang(quantity), dingzhi(quality), dingxing(ways of leaning), dingrenwu(task).

Culture construction: healthy culture, pleasing culture and integrity culture.

Moral education: ten words for moral education: loyal, filial, courteous, upright, credible, broadminded, tolerant, pleasing, loving, diligent.

Management: directing school affairs, supervising staff, ensuring safety, ensuring quality.

Teachers’ enrollment: xianxianyise(enrolling teachers according to their competence instead of appearance.)

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